Vote By Mail

The VBM Process

Register to Vote

When we register and vote, we make sure our government represents all of us. Whether you plan to vote in-person or by mail, you need to get registered. 

Request Your Mail-in Ballot

In most states in order to vote by mail, you’ll need to apply for an absentee ballot. Request your ballot now, or as soon as possible!

Correctly Fill Out Your Ballot

Make sure that your vote gets counted! Ensure that you closely read and follow all instructions when filling out and signing your ballot.

Return Your Ballot

Make sure your ballot is returned correctly. Some states allow alternatives to returning the ballot by mail, including returning to the post office, your election official’s office, or a designated ballot drop-off location! Be aware of the deadlines in your state.

Encourage Your Friends to do the Same!

Now that you understand the process, be a resource to those who might need help voting by mail.

Using the map below, select your state to find state specific vote-by-mail information courtesy of our partner organization, Voter Participation Center.