About Us

We all have reason to be discouraged by the character of political dialogue today.

Politics is often cluttered with loose accusations, half-truths and unfounded assertions.

Center for Voter Information is a non-profit, non-partisan partner organization to Voter Participation Center, both founded to provide resources and tools to help voting-eligible citizens register and vote in upcoming elections.

Our Leadership

Tom Lopach
CVI’s President and CEO

He is an experienced leader and veteran strategist who has served as Chief of Staff to a U.S. Senator and the Montana Governor. A Montana native, Tom also served as a senior adviser to the Governor during his presidential campaign.

Our Board

Gail Kitch, Chair

Lisalyn Jacobs, Secretary-Treasurer

Ademola Oyefeso

Lisa Minsky-Primus

Robin Lorenzini

Rob von Behren

Denise Juneau

Our Staff

Lionel Dripps, Vice President

Alexa Shaffer, Director of Communications

Ben Deufel, Senior Director of Innovation, Learning and Impact

Caryn Pavlak, Senior Director of Development

Elbert Hairston, Chief Financial Officer

Eva Bonime, Director of State & Partner Engagement

John Malloy, Senior Director of Data Management, Systems & Analytics

Karuna Koppula, Managing Director of Program

Katie Werner, Senior Director of Digital Programs

Nancy Leeds, Senior Director of Mail Programs

Paul Wells, Director of Human Resources and Board Affairs

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