Statement: Voter Participation Center/Center for Voter Information Statement on Ohio Election Information

WASHINGTON, DC – In response to Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose’s press release regarding legitimate voter forms sent by the Voter Participation Center and Center for Voter Information, Tom Lopach, President and CEO of VPC and CVI, released the following statement:

“The Ohio Secretary of State has mischaracterized the important work of our civic-engagement organizations. VPC and CVI are bringing democracy to Ohioans by providing hundreds of thousands of voters with the exact same official voter-registration applications used by their county governments. In fact, our mailings are reviewed and approved ahead of time by the Secretary of State’s office. Ohio residents can easily register to vote by simply signing the application from VPC and CVI and dropping it back in the mail.

“VPC and CVI are non-profit, non-partisan organizations that work to ensure that the New American Majority – people of color, young people, and unmarried women – participate in democracy equal to their presence in society. We have been incredibly effective in Ohio and that’s a mission that all Secretaries of State should embrace.

“People in the New American Majority make up about 52% of the voting eligible population in Ohio, but don’t always vote up to their full potential. We work to address that gap. Since 2003, VPC and CVI have helped more than 5.7 million people register to vote nationwide, including over 365,000 Ohioans.

“VPC and CVI take their mailing-list process seriously. With the help of industry-leading vendors, we use all precautions and the best technology available to ensure that our mail recipients are both eligible to vote and unregistered at their current address. We constantly refine this process to ensure accuracy. VPC and CVI will keep working to ensure that all eligible Ohioans can make their voices heard in November and in future elections.”

The Voter Participation Center and Center for Voter Information are non-profit, non-partisan organizations founded in 2003 to help members of the New American Majority – unmarried women, people of color and young people – register and vote. Since then, the organizations have helped 5.7 million people register and cast ballots.