Statement: Voter Participation Center/Center for Voter Information Mail Voter Registration Applications to 4.3 Million Americans

Part of a major effort by VPC/CVI to Encourage Americans to Vote in Local & State Elections this November

WASHINGTON, DC – The non-partisan and non-profit Voter Participation Center (VPC) and the Center for Voter Information (CVI) are mailing 4.3 million Americans voter registration applications in 26 states this month to encourage participation in our democracy. It’s part of an ambitious effort to build enthusiasm around local and statewide elections across the country ahead of Tuesday, November 2.

VPC and CVI primarily send these mailings to members of the New American Majority – young people, people of color and unmarried women, many of whom have historically been under-represented in our democracy.

The mailers remind Americans that voter registration is easy and all they have to do is sign, date, and complete the application, place it in the envelope with prepaid postage, and drop it in the mail. VPC and CVI directly mail voters the exact same application that is typically provided by county officials. By filling out the voter registration application, voters can take pressure off of election officials and then make their plan to vote before Election Day on Tuesday, November 2.

The mailers remind Americans that voter registration is easy and all they have to do is sign, date, and complete the The letters remind Americans that “Registering to vote is simple!” and “All you have to do is Fill It, Sign It, Mail It.” VPC and CVI are mailing letters to 4.3 million Americans in September, in 26 states.

Tom Lopach, President and CEO of Voter Participation Center and Center for Voter Information urges Americans to make their voices heard this November. “VPC and CVI are bringing democracy to Americans’ doorsteps and handheld devices by providing hundreds of thousands of Americans with official voter registration applications and links. Voter registration is easy: Americans can sign the application and drop it back in the mail. So make your plan to vote today and participate in our great democracy.”

The voter registration applications are part of an ongoing effort by VPC and CVI to help register and turn out voters from the New American Majority through its mail and online programming.

Who’s in the New American Majority?

  • The New American Majority (NAM) now accounts for more than half of the Vote Eligible Population (VEP) in this country (60.0%). 
  • In 2020, almost 139 million eligible voters (60.0% of the VEP) were in the New American Majority.
    • Voters under 35: 66.7 million, 48%
    • People of Color: 76.8 million, 55%
    • Unmarried women: 60.6 million, 44%

The Voter Participation Center and Center for Voter Information are non-profit, non-partisan organizations founded in 2003 to help members of the New American Majority – unmarried women, people of color and young people – register and vote. Since then, the organizations have helped 5.7 million people register and cast ballots.