Statement: Civic Engagement Groups Mail 2.4 Million Vote-By-Mail Applications to New Jersey for General Election

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Part of a major effort by VPC/CVI urging people of New Jersey to vote in this election

WASHINGTON, DC – The non-partisan and non-profit Voter Participation Center (VPC) and the Center for Voter Information (CVI) are mailing 2,439,487 vote-by-mail applications to 2,080,809 registered voters in New Jersey this month to encourage participation in our democracy. It’s part of an ambitious effort to build enthusiasm around New Jersey’s general election on Tuesday, November 2.

The mailers remind New Jerseyans that voting-by-mail is easy and all they have to do is sign, date, and complete the application and place it in the envelope with prepaid postage and drop it in the mail. By voting-by-mail, registered voters can take pressure off of election officials and simply look forward to Election Day on Tuesday, November 2.

The letters state: “79% of voters in NJ cast their ballots before Election day in the 2020 election. Join them in 2021 by returning this application to vote by mail.” 

Tom Lopach, President and CEO of the non-profit and non-partisan Voter Participation Center (VPC) and Center for Voter Information (CVI) says Garden State voters should make sure their voices are heard. “We are reminding New Jersey voters that voting is easy. In New Jersey, you can vote by mail, early in-person, or in person on Election Day. We are providing millions of Garden State residents with official vote-by-mail applications, allowing them to sign them and drop them in the mail without ever leaving their homes. So make your plan to vote today and participate in our great democracy.”

As the COVID-19 pandemic made clear, mail-based voter efforts are critically important. VPC and CVI run the nation’s largest mail-based and digital voter engagement programs, and their work is crucial today. In 2020, VPC and CVI helped 4.6 million voters sign up to vote-by-mail.

The vote-by-mail applications are part of an ongoing effort by VPC and CVI to help turnout voters in New Jersey. Leading up to the General Election on November 2nd, VPC and CVI will also be engaging New Jerseyans through voter registration and GOTV mailings, as well as online programming.

VPC and CVI primarily send mailings to members of the New American Majority – young people, people of color and unmarried women, many of whom have historically been under-represented in our democracy.

Who’s in the New American Majority in New Jersey?

  • The New American Majority makes up 3.7 million people in New Jersey meaning this group represents 62.8% of the state’s voting eligible population. 

  • Young people (18 – 35): 1,591,017 people, or 26.9% of people who can vote.

  • People of color: 2,284,329 or 38.6% of people who can vote, including 996,284 Latinos and 906,958 African-Americans.

  • Unmarried women: 1,621,479 people, or 27.4% of people who can vote.

The Voter Participation Center and Center for Voter Information are non-profit, non-partisan organizations founded in 2003 to help members of the New American Majority – unmarried women, people of color and young people – register and vote. Since then, the organizations have helped 5.7 million people register and cast ballots.