An Example

The Center for Voter Information (CVI) is sending vote by mail applications to registered voters in New Jersey and Virginia along with a letter encouraging them to sign up to vote by mail. CVI will target voters who share the values of wanting to see all eligible voters, including those in the New American Majority, voting. Applications will be sent in three waves slated to land in homes on approximately August 12, 23 and September 8.

In New Jersey, CVI will be sending 725,686 vote by mail applications.

In Virginia, CVI will be sending 440,656 vote by mail applications.

CVI will also send ballot chase mail, reminding those who have signed up to vote by mail to return their ballots. Voters will receive one piece of mail each, landing in home on approximately either October 20 or October 27.

CVI will send three pieces of Get Out the Vote in-person mobilization mail to voters who have not requested their mail-in ballots. Voters will receive three pieces of mail each with approximate in-home dates of October 5, 20 and 27. The messaging will encourage the recipient to vote early in person, or on Election Day. We will update this notice when the targeting is more clear.

In New Jersey, CVI will be targeting 753,918 people for Get Out the Vote.

In Virginia, CVI will be targeting 423,894 people for Get Out the Vote.

CVI will send a postcard to low propensity voters reminding them that they are registered to vote for the upcoming election and providing information about how to do so.